Exhibits and Demonstrations

Enjoy exciting exhibits and demonstrations from our historic sites on Mackinac Island – Fort Mackinac, the Biddle House featuring the Mackinac Island Native American Museum, and The Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum, and in Mackinaw City – Colonial Michilimackinac, Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park, and Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse.

These exhibits and demonstrations can be found on the individual site pages as well. 

Colonial Michilimackinac Exhibits

Explore some of Colonial Michilimackinac’s amazing exhibits, such as Treasures from the Sand, Coming Together at The Straits: The People of Michilimackinac, Firearms on the Frontier, Powder Magazine, and Attack! at Michilimackinac.
Firearms on the Frontier:

Powder Magazine:

Treasures from the Sand (four videos):

Coming Together at the Straits: The People of Michilimackinac (companion worksheet here):

Attack! at Michilimackinac:

Colonial Michilimackinac Demonstrations

Michilimackinac was home to a diverse group of people, including merchants, British soldiers, voyageurs, and more.
Musket Firing Demonstration:

Michilimackinac 1777: At War Tour

Taking Tea at Michilimackinac:

Dressing an 18th Century Merchant (two videos):

Dressing a British Grenadier:

Dressing a French Canadian Voyageur:

Making Charcoal: A Blacksmith’s Experiment:

Raising Chickens at Michilimackinac:

Gardens of Michilimackinac: The King’s Garden:

Cooking in a Colonial Kitchen, Episode 1:

Cooking in a Colonial Kitchen, Episode 2:

Cooking in a Colonial Kitchen, Episode 3:

Cooking in a Colonial Kitchen, Episode 4:

Fort Mackinac Exhibits

Explore some of Fort Mackinac’s amazing exhibits, such as the Battle for Mackinac and the Changing Face of Fort Mackinac, 1779-1895.
The Changing Face of Fort Mackinac:

The Battle for Mackinac Island:

A Deeper Look: The Battle of Mackinac Island:

A Deeper Look: Cos. E & K, Fort Mackinac, Mich., 1886:

A Deeper Look: Cos. E & K going on Parade:

A Deeper Look: East Blockhouse:

A Deeper Look: Interior of Barracks:

Fort Mackinac Demonstrations

Watch as a Fort Mackinac interpreter runs through a rifle firing demonstration at Fort Mackinac, and learn about the differing firing positions the soldiers would have used in battle.
Rifle Firing:

Rifle Firing Positions:

1880s Exercises:

U.S. Army Signal Drill of the 1880s:

Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park Exhibit

Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park is dedicated as a nature preserve. Enjoy the interactive Sounds of the Forest and learn about the plant and wildlife that call the site home.

Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park Demonstration

Beyond the Sawmill Walking Tour

The Dam at Mill Creek:

Water Power – The Sawmill at Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse Exhibits

Visit multiple shipwrecks (Cedarville, Eber Ward, Sandusky, Straits of Mackinac Underwater Preserve) on the bottom of the Great Lakes and explore the science behind how lighthouses work.
Science and Technology of Lighthouses:

Cedarville Shipwreck:

Eber Ward Shipwreck:

Sandusky Shipwreck:

Straits of Mackinac Underwater Preserve:

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse Demonstration

Learn about lighthouse keepers and their duties, the Fresnel lens, and how the light operated as you take a tour up the 51 steps of the lighthouse tower.

A demonstration of the Fog Signal Whistle at Old Mackinac Point:

The Richard and Jane Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum Exhibits

Enjoy a deeper look at one of the most unique pieces in our collection by Hannah White, find how Native American artists are keeping traditions alive with their art, and learn about island resident Stanley Bielecky and his unique work.
Hannah White Painting:

Native Voices:

Stanley Bielecky Exhibit:

A Closer Look at the Collections

We go deep into our collection to showcase some of the lesser-known aspects of Mackinac’s history.
Dodge Hubcap:

Fletcher Chair:

Bone Gaming Die:

Trade Seal:

Sergeant’s Quarters Plans:

Ceramic Maker’s Mark:

Fan Stick:

British Halfpenny: