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American Fur Co. Store & Dr. Beaumont Museum

Mackinac’s Medical Miracle.   

This is Mackinac.

Home to the American Fur Company Store, which sold a variety of general merchandise. It was at this site, on June 6, 1822, that French Canadian voyageur Alexis St. Martin was accidentally shot in the stomach from a distance of three feet. Fort Mackinac surgeon Dr. William Beaumont managed to keep St. Martin alive, but the hole in his stomach never properly healed. Through this hole, Dr. Beaumont conducted experiments, observed the workings of the human stomach and discovered much about the digestive process.


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A detailed exhibit commemorates Dr. Beaumont’s famous experiments and the scientific process, as well as the effect it had on St. Martin. In the other room, a period setting recreates the store scene where St. Martin was shot.

Live Interpretation

Every day during the operating season an interpreter is stationed at the American Fur Co. Store & Dr. Beaumont Museum to provide interpretation of the store and provide information on Dr. Beaumont and his experiments as well as the fur trade on Mackinac Island.


American Fur Co. Store & Dr. Beaumont Museum
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