This is Mackinac. 

The cannon blasts, the rifles fire, the soldiers march and history comes alive. The oldest building in Michigan and 13 other historical structures boast exhibits explaining everything from military training and battles to medical treatments to family life within the fort.

More than just a military outpost, Fort Mackinac served as a home for soldiers and their families and eventually the headquarters for Mackinac National Park, where tourists to the island visited the great fortress on the bluff, much like they do today.

Thank you for a great 2021 season! Fort Mackinac will open for the 2022 season on May 3.

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Live Programs and Tours

An illustration of Fort Mackinac with descriptions of what is in the buildings and where demonstrations take place.

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Demonstrations and tours by costumed interpreters are scheduled throughout the day. Exciting programs taking place throughout the 2021 season include cannon and rifle firing demonstrations, a tour exploring the army of the 1880s, a detailed look at Mackinac during its time as a national park, a program exploring how the fort has changed over time, and a program dedicated to the women who called Fort Mackinac home. Click the links below to find out what will be happening during your visit.

October 11 – October 24, 2021


All fourteen buildings in the fort are restored and open to the public. They are furnished with period settings highlighting the building’s particular function or a themed exhibit. Special exhibits include:

    • Mackinac, An Island Famous in These Regions on the second floor of the Soldier’s’ Barracks presents the full history of Mackinac Island. 
    • Military Medicine at Mackinac: 1780-1895 in the Post Hospital explores medical care at the fort and changing nineteenth-century medical practices. 
    • Kids’ Quarters – reimagined for the 2021 season! Features hands-on displays and interactive games. Watch the video below for a sneak peek at what to expect in the NEW Kids’ Quarters!

  • Post Guardhouse explores 19th-century military justice with actual cases tried at the fort.
  • North Blockhouse plunges visitors into an immersive, multimedia presentation allowing guests to step back in time to the War of 1812 and experience the confusion, fear, and drama of the British capture of Fort Mackinac on July 17, 1812.
  • Office features two updated period settings and two completely new gallery spaces interpreting the training and duties of Fort Mackinac’s officers. New exhibit panels and interactive elements will help visitors explore officers’ roles in the fort’s daily operations as well as the administration of the Mackinac National Park.


Heritage of Mackinac is featured in the Post Commissary, providing an overview history of Mackinac. It repeats every 20 minutes.

Watch the video below to learn more about Fort Mackinac!