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Fix Bayonets!

Throughout Fort Mackinac’s military history, British and American soldiers were issued bayonets to complement their shoulder arms. Learn a bit more about them here:

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Battle of Mackinac Island painting

Something Extraordinary – (Thank You, Sergeant Wingard)

Two hundred years ago, the incredible tale of Sergeant James Wingard, a survivor of Mackinac Island’s most terrible day, was the talk at dinner tables across the nation.

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A postcard from of the Deer Park on Mackinac Island from the early 20th century.

White-Tailed Deer on Mackinac Island

Are there deer on Mackinac Island? How did they get there? Learn about the fascinating history of deer on Mackinac Island here.

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craig snow 5

Holiday Traditions of the 17th and 18th Centuries are Alive at A Colonial Christmas at Colonial Michilimackinac

The sun sets on the Straits of Mackinac. Fires crackle in stone hearths. The smell of treats and warm beverages fill the crisp winter air. Laughter, conversation, and more can be heard emanating from inside the palisaded walls. It’s A Colonial Christmas Saturday, December 10, at Colonial Michilimackinac in Mackinaw City.

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Three people on bikes heading to the G. Mennen Williams Mackinac Celebration.

Friends Preserving and Sharing Mackinac’s Heritage

Mackinac Associates helps fund projects both large and small and this past year was no exception with nearly $200,000 in projects sponsored across Mackinac State Historic Parks sites and operations.

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FMIB_42895_Common_Whitefish_of_Lake_Erie_-_Coregonus_albus_(LeSueur) (2)

Whitefish – Deer of the Lakes

Before the Straits of Mackinac became a center of international fur trade, its waters were renowned by generations of Native Americans as an abundant fishery. Of the many species in these freshwater seas, the delicate whitefish, usually weighing 3-5 pounds, was the most prized catch of all.

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Celebrating 75 Years of This Time for Keeps

It was 75 years ago this week that the other major Hollywood film featuring Mackinac Island, “This Time for Keeps” was released.

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Les Feu Follet

Les Feu Follet

“Perhaps now, mon cheri, you will believe in les feu follet?” Fort Fright is based on French tales told at Michilimackinac. Enjoy “Les Feu Follet,” from “Were-Wolves and Will-O-The-Wisps.”

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pumpkins and the fort

Colonial Michilimackinac Fall Garden Round-up 2022

As the season for growing things begins to wind down, we look back at a fabulous season of gardening.

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Spooky Specters and Lurking Lutins Await at Fort Fright October 7-8

Fort Fright is October 7-8. But what is Fort Fright actually about? Learn more here!

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Possible sugar bowl.

2022 Archaeology Field Season Wrap-Up

It was an exciting finish to the 2022 archaeology field season. It’s all wrapped up here.

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The Curious Mind of Thomas Nuttall

On August 12, 1810, Thomas Nuttall stepped ashore on Mackinac Island, becoming the first trained botanist to explore northern Michigan.

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