Michigan’s first state park. 

This is Mackinac.

Mackinac Island State Park was established in 1895. For twenty years before that it had been Mackinac National Park, the United States’ second national park. Today, over eighty percent of Mackinac Island is State Park property, and most of this park land remains in its natural condition to be enjoyed.

mackinac-island-state-park-map-with-mile-markers-01A great variety of historic and natural resources provides something of interest for every Mackinac Island visitor. Historic landmarks, breathtaking vistas, spectacular rock formations, quiet forests and inspiring nature trails are just minutes away. The sites are accessible by foot or bike, rented horse or buggy, sightseeing carriages or horse-drawn taxi.


Natural Wonders

Ancient seas, Ice Age glaciers, and 10,000 years of rising and falling lake levels formed Mackinac Island. In recent centuries the climate, erosion, and human activity have shaped the island.  Click here for a summary of the natural wonders of Mackinac Island State Park.

Historic Sites and Monuments

The park is filled with historic attractions. Fort Mackinac and the Historic Downtown sites are the most prominent, but there are many points of interest and monuments throughout the park. Click here for a summary of the Historic Sites and Monuments of Mackinac Island State Park.

Roads and Trails

Mackinac Island State Park contains 70.5 miles of signed and interpreted roads and trails. Some are paved, some are not. Some are shared by horses, bikes and walkers; others are best for hiking only. There are also over 50 interpretive panels throughout the park that describe the natural wonders and historic locations. Click here for a summary of the park’s trail system.

British Landing Nature Programs

Programs at British Landing have finished for the 2023 season. Please check back here for 2024 program dates and times!

Mackinac’s Natural Wonders

Are you curious about the plants, animals, and famous geological features of Mackinac Island? Join a naturalist to learn about some natural wonders you’ll find in Mackinac’s north woods. This 15-minute program takes place at the program area near the south side of the British Landing Nature Center. Seating is first come, first serve (you don’t have to be sitting to enjoy the program).

Nature Discovery Walk

Join us for a 20-minute walk along the British Landing Nature Trail where you’ll learn about some of the plants and animals that live on Mackinac Island. We’ll also visit Friendship’s Altar, one of Mackinac Island’s unique geological formations! Meet in front of the British Landing Nature Center. The nature trail is narrow and uneven (not wheelchair accessible).

Native American Cultural History Trail

The Native American Cultural History Trail features six individual panels discussing the history and impact of Native Americans on the Great Lakes and is located along M-185, the road that encircles Mackinac Island.



Mackinac Island Botanical Trail

Weaving along the Arch Rock Bicycle Trail, the Mackinac Island Botanical Trail features seven turnouts with plantings and interpretive signs about the floral life on Mackinac Island. Benches are also scattered along the trail to allow visitors to sit and reflect on the natural beauty around them.