Michilimackinac State Park

Michigan’s second state park. 

This is Mackinac.

Michilimackinac State Park was established in 1909. Situated at the tip off Michigan’s lower peninsula, the park is bounded on the north by the beautiful waters of the Straits of Mackinac. It is the site of Colonial Michilimackinac, one of the most important fur trading posts of the 18th century, and Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse, known as the “Castle on the Straits” upon its completion.

For more than 100 years local residents and tourists alike have enjoyed the scenic beauty and remarkable history of Michilimackinac State Park.


Beautiful Views

Michilimackinac State Park sits at the northern-most point of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, and offers an unparalleled view of the Mackinac Bridge, Straits of Mackinac, Mackinac Island, and the Upper Peninsula. The Mackinac Bridge actually cuts through the park.

Historic Sites and Monuments

The park is home to two historic attractions: Colonial Michilimackinac and Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse. The Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse Signal Tower also resides within the park.

Bridgeview Gazebo

The Bridgeview Gazebo is nestled in the middle of the park and is available for wedding ceremonies. Click here for more information.

Picnic and BBQ Areas

Several picnic tables and charcoal BBQ grills are located throughout the park. Charcoal is not provided.

Travel Information

Michilimackinac State Park is split between Cheboygan and Emmet Counties, and is located on the shore of the Straits of Mackinac. It is located two blocks north of downtown Mackinaw City, a bustling business district filled with hotels, restaurants, souvenir stores and fudge shops.

Street Addresses

Colonial Michilimackinac Visitor’s Center: 102 West Straits Avenue, Mackinaw City, MI 49701

Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse: 526 North Huron Avenue, Mackinaw City, MI 49701

Administrative Office: 207 West Sinclair, Mackinaw City, MI 49701

Park Field Office and Maintenance Complex: 302 West Sinclair, Mackinaw City, MI 49701

Travel Directions

Click here to map your route to Michilimackinac State Park and for general travel information on your visit to Mackinaw City.

Visitor Services

Visitor’s Center

The Colonial Michilimackinac Visitor’s Center also serves as the Visitor’s Center for Michilimackinac State Park. It is located directly under the north approach of the Mackinac Bridge. The Visitor’s Center is a great place to begin your visit. Here you can talk to friendly staff who will answer your questions and provide you with helpful suggestions. The Visitor’s Center has a wide selection of Mackinac books and pamphlets, and is near two sets of restrooms. You can also purchase tickets for all of Mackinac State Historic Parks’ historic sites.

2020 Visitor’s Center Hours

June 12 – September 6
9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
September 7 – October 11
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

2020 Visitor’s Center Restroom Hours

Visitor’s Center Restrooms

June 12 – September 6
7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
September 7 – October 11

2020 Michilimackinac State Park Restroom Hours

June 12 – September 6
7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
September 7 – October 16
7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Michilimackinac State Park features paved sidewalks that can occasionally become covered with sand. The path to the Bridgeview Gazebo is hard-packed gravel that can occasionally be covered with sand, and the gazebo has one step into it. Click here for further information about accessibility.

Visitation Tips & Courtesies

Getting Around

Michilimackinac State Park is an outdoor experience with no covered areas. Paved sidewalks meander through the park, and there is plenty of green space.

Pet Friendly

Well-behaved pets are welcome in Michilimackinac State Park. Please clean up after your pet.

Prohibited Activities

It is unlawful to do the following in Michilimackinac State Park:

  • Camp
  • Hunt
  • Build Fires
  • Use land for commercial operations without proper permission
  • Use a loudspeaker or public address system without proper permission
  • Engage in any disorderly conduct
  • Conduct excavations, diggings, or surveys without proper permission
  • Carry or possess a metal detector without proper permission
  • Fly a drone

See Mackinac Island State Park Commission General Rules for a full description of all park regulations.