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Michilimackinac State Park Visitation Tips

Visitation Tips & Courtesies 

Getting Around

Please keep in mind that Michilimackinac State Park is an outdoor experience so prepare accordingly for various weather conditions. By foot is the best way to wander through the park, but bicycles and scooters are allowed. Motorbikes are not permitted within the park. 

Pet Friendly

Well-behaved pets are welcome in Michilimackinac State Park. Please clean up after your pet.


It is not recommended to swim within Michilimackinac State Park. No lifeguards are on duty. 

Prohibited Activities

It is unlawful to do the following in Mackinac Island State Park:

  • Camp
  • Hunt
  • Build Fires
  • Use land for commercial operations without proper permission
  • Use a loudspeaker or public address system without proper permission
  • Hold or participate in a road race without proper permission
  • Engage in any disorderly conduct
  • Conduct excavations, diggings, or surveys without proper permission
  • Carry or possess a metal detector without proper permission
  • Fly a drone

See Mackinac Island State Park Commission General Rules for a full description of all park regulations.