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  • It’s Civil War Weekend! #thisismackinac #fortmackinac #civilwar #reenactment #demonstration
  • This family celebrated a 10-year wedding anniversary with a bang! 🎉💥 visit our website for more information on how YOU can fire the Fort Mackinac canon! #thisismackinac #mymackinac #makeitmackinac
  • Discover what it took to be a blacksmith during Revolutionary Times. ⚒🔥 #thisismackinac #colonialmichilimackinac #blacksmith #mackinawcity
  • “The large piece of feather-edged creamware that has been sticking out of the root cellar since last season has finally been excavated,” said Dr. Lynn Evans, MSHP curator of archaeology. “As anticipated, it was the final piece of the plate that was mostly excavated last summer. The way the sherds were found in relation to each other indicates that the plate was broken elsewhere and then deposited in the cellar. This was an exciting find because we very rarely find complete ceramic vessels at Michilimackinac, even in pieces.” ••
“That was not the only interesting artifact to come out of the cellar recently,” said Evans, “A trade silver circle brooch was excavated at the end of last week. This was the fourth circle brooch excavated from the cellar. Both the creamware plate and trade silver pin are excellent markers for the British occupation.”
  • Our soldiers love answering questions! #thisismackinac #fortmackinac #mackinacisland
  • Who will be your dance partner? 💃🏽🌹🕺🏼#thisismackinac #mackinacisland #rosedance #fortmackinac #mymackinac
  • Beautiful day for a Lilac Festival Grand Parade! #thisismackinac  #mackinacisland #mackinaclilacfest #mymackinac
  • Don’t miss out on our lilac themed art projects! #thisismackinac #beinspired
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Another great little gem is the Manoogian Mackinac Art Museum.  We went down with @violin4sarah and kiddos today to do some free lilac art! What a great opportunity for both islanders and visitors.  #mackinac #makeitmackinac #mackinacisland @mackinacartscouncil @mackinac_parks
  • Have you heard the tale of Alexander Henry and Skull Cave?
Ojibwa warrior, Wawatam, protected fur trader, Alexander Henry, by bringing him to Mackinac Island after the attack on Michilimackinac during Pontiac’s War. Henry took refuge in Skull Cave one evening and when he woke up the next morning, discovered he had been lying on a heap of human bones—that covered the cave’s floor! #thisismackinac #mackinacisland #skullcave
  • “We had an interesting find last week, another large ceramic sherd from the root cellar. It is part of a container, possibly a bowl, made of white tin-glazed earthenware,” said Dr. Lynn Evans, Curator of Archaeology for Mackinac State Historic Parks. “The base diameter is 2.5 inches. At its widest the vessel is 3.5 inches. The fragment we found is 2.25 inches tall, but the total height is unknown. We found part of another white tin-glazed earthenware container in the root cellar last summer, but those sherds do not match up with today’s find.”
The piece was located in the root cellar of House E of the Southeast Rowhouse at Colonial Michilimackinac in Mackinaw City. 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of archaeology at Michilimackinac, making it one of the longest-running archaeology programs in North America. House E was first occupied by Charles Henri Desjardins de Rupallay de Gonneville, and later by an as-yet-unidentified English trader. This find continues an amazing streak of discoveries from the past few years in the root cellar, including ceramic vessels, tin-glazed earthenware, creamware plates, Chinese export porcelain, a mostly intact knife, and the handle of a sword, all uncovered during the 2018 season.
  • It’s the perfect day to #haveanadventure at any of our sites! Where will your Mackinac journey take you? #thisismackinac #millcreek #colonialmichilimackinac #fortmackinac #mackinawcity #mackinacisland
  • 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of archaeology at Colonial Michilimackinac! Check out our blog to learn more about what Dr. Lynn Evans, Curator of Archaeology, and her team have dug up! #thisismackinac #archaeology #colonialmichilimackinac #upnorth #colonialmichilimackinac ••