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Now Hiring!

Spend your summer in Mackinaw City or on Mackinac Island! Now hiring for all 2023 seasonal positions.

2023 - Fire Michilimackinac's Weapons

Fire Michilimackinac's Weapons!

Now you have two options to fire the weapons at Michilimackinac!

Fort Mackinac - Fire the Cannon

Fire the Cannon!

Add your. name to the history books by firing the opening salute shot at Fort Mackinac!

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Twilight Turtle Trek

Mackinac Island State Park Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island Turtle Trek - A lantern-lit ski and snowshoeing trek through some of Mackinac Island's natural winter wonderland. The trail begins at Greany Grove (corner of Arch Rock Road... Read more »

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Archaeology at Fort Mackinac – Provision Storehouse

The largest archaeological excavation to take place at Fort Mackinac was the site of the original provision storehouse. Interestingly, it was the second time the provision storehouse was excavated, but the first time at Fort Mackinac.

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The Sea Serpent at Mackinac

In 1847, Horace Greeley and Lewis Clark, newspapermen from New York on a tour of the Great Lakes, were seated on the porch of Mission House and saw a giant creature out in the lake. They agreed it was a Sea Serpent! But was it?

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2022 Mackinac State Historic Parks Collections Acquisitions

In 2022 Mackinac State Historic Parks accessioned 176 objects into its collection and archives. Learn about a few of them here:

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