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Virtual Education Outreach: The Revolutionary War in Michigan

Virtual Education Outreach

Target Audience: 5th Grade

People from Michigan played a critical role in the American Revolution. This program will allow students to explore their motivations for participating in the war, and will provide an overview of the numerous contributions of the Anishnaabek and other indigenous people made in shaping the outcome of the Revolution.

When is this program offered?
This program is available Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m., January 11-April 12 via Zoom.

How much is this program? 

How do I book a program?
Click here to book a program. After payment is received, a representative from Mackinac State Historic Parks will reach out to confirm your booking. Programs must be booked at least three business days (Monday-Friday) in advance.

What education standards does this program meet?
This program is aimed at students in fifth grade.

5 – U3.1.1 Describe how the French and Indian War affected British policy toward the colonies and subsequent colonial dissatisfaction with the new policy.
5 – U3.2.1 Describe the advantages and disadvantages each side had during the American Revolution with respect to military leadership, geography, types of resources, and motivations.
5 – U3.2.3 Investigate the role of women, enslaved and freed Africans, Indigenous Peoples, and France in helping shape the outcome of the war.

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