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The Somewhere in Time Gazebo

The gazebo decorated for a wedding around 2012.

Nestled along Anne’s Tablet Trail, you’ll find the Somewhere in Time Gazebo tucked away over-looking Haldimand Bay, Round Island, and Downtown Mackinac Island. Though the gazebo is stashed away in a secluded part of Mackinac Island, visitors from around the world stop to take in the beauty every day. Some come to witness a part of Hollywood history, others find the view inspiring, and many find it to be a romantic and picturesque wedding venue.

The Gazebo acquired its name from the famous movie, Somewhere in Time. The 1980 motion picture starred Christopher Reeve and Jane

MSHP staff constructing the gazebo.

Seymour. The film was based on the novel Bid Time Return by Richard Matheson. Matheson also wrote the screenplay for the movie. Shot almost entirely on Mackinac Island, the film incorporated scenes all over the island including the historic downtown district, Mission Point Resort and Grand Hotel. The gazebo was used in a memorable scene when Richard Collier, played by Reeve, and Elise McKenna, played by Seymour, share a romantic moment together. Universal Studios paid Mackinac State Historic Parks staff to construct the gazebo to be used as a prop. During the 1979 Lilac Festival Grand Parade, it was used in a float to commemorate the filming of the motion picture.

Christopher Reeve riding in the gazebo during the Lilac Festival Grand Parade.

Once released, the film proved unsuccessful at the box office. Since then, it has gained a strong following and is considered a cult classic. Enthusiasts can visit many of the sites featured in the film throughout year, and markers sponsored by a fan club of the movie are located around the island. Those interested in a more immersive experience can attend a themed weekend at Grand Hotel typically held in late October. A special screening of the film is presented, and themed events take place throughout the weekend for guests to participate in. You will see many guests dressed in garb from the early 20th century, the time Richard meets Elise in the film. Various members of the cast and crew take part in the weekend, and Seymour was on hand for the 2016 weekend.

Upon completion of filming, the gazebo was given back to the parks and it was placed in its first setting, the west garden of the Governor’s Summer Residence on Mackinac Island. Twenty-five years later, in 2005, the Somewhere in Time Gazebo was moved from its home at the residence to a new permanent location west of Fort Mackinac along Anne’s Tablet Trail. The new location was selected with the intent of holding wedding ceremonies there. In the past 12 years, more than 200 weddings have been performed at the venue and its popularity continues to grow.

You, too, could have your wedding ceremony at the iconic and effortlessly gorgeous setting of the Somewhere in Time Gazebo, or any of the other sites offered by the Mackinac State Historic Parks. Wedding ceremonies are available for booking from early May through October. Imagine the back drop of your wedding being the natural beauty of Mackinac Island in late spring, summer or early fall. No matter the season or the site, the Mackinac State Historic Parks is sure to have a site that is perfect for your dream wedding.

A 2016 wedding at the gazebo.

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