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Tag: Mackinac Island State Park

Feathers Over Mackinac (1889–1891)

More than 230 species of birds have been recorded on Mackinac Island and in the surrounding straits region. Here, we take a look at some detailed observations that a summer resident and ornithologist made in 1893.

Ice Fishing at Mackinac

Ice fishing has been an important part of the Straits for thousands of years, but dramatic scenes of net poles so numerous that they appeared almost as a forest are now nearly forgotten.

The Seasons of Mackinac

What’s the best season to visit the Straits of Mackinac? All of them! Learn a little about each season at the Straits:

The Hospital Corps at Fort Mackinac

While the Hospital Corps only came into being toward the very end of Fort Mackinac’s time as an active military post, it demonstrates another way Fort Mackinac experienced the changing times of the army.

The Mackinac Walrus

Unusual things have been found on Mackinac Island and the Straits of Mackinac over the years. But a walrus skull? That might be the most unusual of all. Read on for the amazing story of how it ended up in the Straits.

U.S. Army Forage Cap and Dress Helmet

Fort Mackinac benefits from having several items in our collection – a physical representation that our guests see daily that we can translate to the present day. Take hats worn by Fort Mackinac soldiers, for instance.

Mysterious Mackinac Caverns

The natural wonders of Mackinac Island have drawn people to its rocky shores for thousands of years. There are stories of fantastic discoveries as well – including, perhaps, most enticing of all – tales of large caverns beneath the island’s surface.