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Tag: Mackinac Island State Park Commission

Feathers Over Mackinac (1889–1891)

More than 230 species of birds have been recorded on Mackinac Island and in the surrounding straits region. Here, we take a look at some detailed observations that a summer resident and ornithologist made in 1893.

U.S. Army Forage Cap and Dress Helmet

Fort Mackinac benefits from having several items in our collection – a physical representation that our guests see daily that we can translate to the present day. Take hats worn by Fort Mackinac soldiers, for instance.

Preservation: Puzzle Pieces to the Past

Mackinac State Historic Parks’ collection pieces together the past like a puzzle by linking artifacts to moments somewhere in time in order to write the story of the island for the enjoyment of generations to come.

A fragment of a white pipe made of clay.

The Season Continues

We’re past the halfway point of the 2023 archaeological field season 0 let’s get an update!