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Special Events at Colonial Michilimackinac

Although there aren’t any big anniversaries to celebrate this year, there will be a number of exciting special events throughout the summer at Colonial Michilimackinac. From June to September, two weekends each month will highlight a different aspect of the site’s history with special programs and activities.

Commanding Officer's House and Gardens

To kick off this season of special weekends, on June 10-11 visitors are invited to step into the shoes of the French-Canadian voyageurs, the canoemen who powered the Great Lakes fur trade centered at Michilimackinac. As Colonial Michilimackinac’s 5,000 square feet of gardens come into bloom on June 17-18, join interpreters as they cultivate a variety of heirloom fruits and vegetables to make historic meals and natural remedies, or simply to brighten up a yard inside the fort. Michilimackinac’s first residents, the Anishnaabek, take center stage on July 29-30 with tours and demonstrations focusing on the history and culture of the local Native Americans. Life at Michilimackinac wasn’t all hard work, and on August 19-20 visitors can join the interpretive staff to learn more about reading, drawing, dancing, and games the original residents used to pass the time. As a fortified fur trading village, Michilimackinac always contained weapons ranging from war clubs to cannons, all of which will be discussed and demonstrated on September 23-24. Finally, on three different weekends throughout the summer (July 15-16, August 5-6, and September 9-10), soldiers of the 8th Regiment of Foot and the Royal Regiment of Artillery will take over the fort to interpret British military life at Michilimackinac during the American Revolution.


A complete schedule for these special weekends is below:

  • June 10 & 11- Rendezvous at the Straits: Voyageur Culture
  • June 17 & 18- Gardens and Good Things to Eat
  • July 15 & 16- Soldiers of the King: The British Garrison of Michilimackinac
  • July 29 & 30- Native American History and Culture
  • August 5 & 6- Soldiers of the King: The British Garrison of Michilimackinac
  • August 19 & 20- Pastimes in Times Past: Historic Amusements
  • September 9 & 10- Soldiers of the King: The British Garrison of Michilimackinac
  • September 23 & 24- The Straits Defended: Weapons on the Frontier

We hope you’ll join us at Colonial Michilimackinac this summer for these special events and activities!