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Category: Fort Mackinac

The Hospital Corps at Fort Mackinac

While the Hospital Corps only came into being toward the very end of Fort Mackinac’s time as an active military post, it demonstrates another way Fort Mackinac experienced the changing times of the army.

U.S. Army Forage Cap and Dress Helmet

Fort Mackinac benefits from having several items in our collection – a physical representation that our guests see daily that we can translate to the present day. Take hats worn by Fort Mackinac soldiers, for instance.

Preservation: Puzzle Pieces to the Past

Mackinac State Historic Parks’ collection pieces together the past like a puzzle by linking artifacts to moments somewhere in time in order to write the story of the island for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Army Marksmanship at Fort Mackinac

While American history is full of stories and legends of soldiers and civilians skillfully using their muskets and rifles in the heat of battle or some other dramatic event, the truth is that most people in the 1800s had little-to-no experience in long-range shooting or even basic firearm skills. This included the army.

Opening Fort Mackinac

One of the highlights of any visit to Fort Mackinac is interacting with our interpretive staff. Take a little peek behind the scenes on what it takes to open a site like Fort Mackinac and work here as an interpreter.