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Artifact type: The People

Brass Wedding Ring

The two entwined hearts engraved on this ring suggest that it is a wedding band. It was found near a floor joist in the American Millwright’s House. How did it

Decorated Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

These small mother-of-pearl buttons suggest that a woman lived at the American Millwright’s House. Most of the artifacts found at the house were items related to daily subsistence that could

Hibernia/Wellington Coin

Ireland issued this copper coin to commemorate Wellington’s triumphant return from India in 1805. One side has a harp and crown, with the word HIBERNIA and the date 1805. The

Royal Veteran Battalion Brass Hat Plate

This hat plate was among the first artifacts found by the three local historians who brought the Mill Creek site to the Mackinac Island State Park Commission’s attention. The design

American Military Buttons

A variety of military buttons have been found at Mill Creek. Soldiers picking up lumber at the mill may have lost them. Another possibility is that the millwright may have