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Artifact type: The Modern World at Michilimackinac

JG Seal

MS2.5109.3This is part of a wax seal that once closed a letter. It was found in the military latrine. We don’t know who “JG” was.

Metal Engraving

At least one person at Michilimackinac did metal engraving for decoration and personalization. In addition to the letters you can see on this practice scrap, there are a “G” and

Jane Engraving

Some artifacts raise more questions than they answer. Who was Jane? No Janes are listed in the Saint Anne’s parish register. Women rarely appear in other records of the fort


This silver cufflink was personalized with the initial “T.” Not a very expert job, uneven and not centered, the engraving appears to have been done on the frontier.


The eighteenth century was the Age of Enlightenment, and the spirit of scientific inquiry was common among the educated class. A telescope also had practical uses for navigation and watching


Although elegant watches existed in the eighteenth century, a pocket sundial was more practical for the traveler in the days before standardized time zones.

Bone Syringe

Surgeon’s mates Daniel Morison and David Mitchell were the best-trained medical professionals at Michilimackinac. Most healing would have been done by women relying on herbal knowledge passed down through generations.

Formula Bottle

By The Kings Royal Patent Granted To Robt. Turlington For His Invented Balsom of Life. London Jany. 26, 1754 – molded inscription on bottle Robert Turlington patented a formula to


Penknives, originally used to sharpen quill pens, suggest a literate owner. In addition to the fancy floral design, tiny traces of red and gold paint are visible on the handle