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Artifact type: Recreation


Every key was individually made in the eighteenth century.

Door Handle

Blacksmiths at Michilimackinac could have made utilitarian hardware, such as this door handle and latch. However, records indicate that most hardware was imported, since it was so expensive to import

Tobacco Pipe Heads

“Pierre à Calumet…All the tobacco pipe heads, which the common people in Canada use, are made of this stone, and ornamented in different ways. A great part of the gentry

Fire Tongs

This funny-looking contraption is called a smoker’s companion or fire tongs. The tongs were used to pick up a coal from the fire and hold it in a pipe bowl

Game Piece

Catlinite occurs in southwestern Minnesota and was traded across the continent. It is easily carved. This gaming piece could have been made and used by anyone at Michilimackinac -British, French,


A whizzer is a disc strung on thread, twisted and looped in the manner of a cat’s cradle, then pulled between the two hands to make a whizzing sound. Today