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In-Person Programs

Bring Our Programs Directly to You!

Can’t visit our museum sites? No problem – bring our talented staff to your group or classroom! These hour-long programs bring cultural and natural history to life in front of your eyes. Click either program below. In person programs available January 8 – April 19. These programs are also available in a virtual or online format – click here for information on those programs.

Outreach - Historic Mackinac on Tour

Historic Mackinac on Tour

Part of Mackinac State Historic Parks’ educational outreach program for over 20 years, Historic Mackinac on Tour invites participants to explore the complex cultural relationships that powered 18th century Michigan. See how Anishnaabek, French Canadian, and British residents cooperated and compromised with one another as part of the Great Lakes fur trade and participated in a global economic and cultural exchange.

Amazing Animal Adaptations

Winter in Michigan's North Woods: Amazing Animal Adaptations

In order to survive winter, animals in the North Woods of Michigan adapt in many amazing ways. This interactive presentation will explore what plants and animals need to survive, the climate of our region, and why the seasons change. Using animal mounts, photos, and stories we’ll investigate the adaptations of animals such as owls, grouse, otters, fox, and beaver.

Educational Resources

Lesson Plans and Educational Resources

A variety of supporting materials you can use for your classroom are available for you at any time.