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Michilimackinac State Park Visitation Tips

Visitation Tips & Courtesies

Getting Around

Michilimackinac State Park is an outdoor experience with no covered areas. Paved sidewalks meander through the park, and there is plenty of green space.

Pet Friendly

Well-behaved pets are welcome in Michilimackinac State Park. Please clean up after your pet.

Prohibited Activities

It is unlawful to do the following in Michilimackinac State Park:

  • Camp
  • Hunt
  • Build Fires
  • Use land for commercial operations without proper permission
  • Use a loudspeaker or public address system without proper permission
  • Engage in any disorderly conduct
  • Conduct excavations, diggings, or surveys without proper permission
  • Carry or possess a metal detector without proper permission
  • Fly a drone

See Mackinac Island State Park Commission General Rules for a full description of all park regulations.