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Pipes and Bottles or Bacchanalian Revels? The Truth About Robinson’s Folly

Mackinac History: A Continuing Series of Illustrated Vignettes, Volume V, Leaflet #2

Place names identify and describe locations with our world. Whether mountain ranges, oceans, or suburban streets, names bring order to the map while commemorating events, people, and things that have helped form the character and culture of a locale.

Mackinac Island dominates the topography and the history of the straits region. The island is liberally sprinkled with names and tales inspired by Native American legends and folklore. Only one tale recounts a story set in the early historic period when France, Britain, and the United States vied for control. The story of the great cliff known as Robinson’s Folly contains elements that can be associated with real characters.

Who was Robinson, and what was his folly? This publication attempts to answer those questions, beginning with the historic tale.


Author: Todd E. Harburn & Brian Leigh Dunnigan
Publisher: Mackinac State Historic Parks
Funded by the Marian Petersen Fund for Historical Writing, Mackinac Island Community Foundation, and the Samual Bayard Poole Memorial Fund. Fully illustrated, 23 pages, 2021.
Price: 3.77