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King’s Men at Mackinac: The British Garrisons, 1780 – 1796

Reports in Mackinac History and Archaeology, Number 3

History of 16 British units garrisoned at Fort Michilimackinac and Fort Mackinac between 1780-1796. Details military dress, housing, Company’s stationed at Fort Mackinac, artillery, etc.

from the book: “The role of the Great Lakes posts during the American Revolution was not a passive one. . . . Mackinac supported Detroit and also sent raids against the Illinois and later the Spanish on the Mississippi River. After the war, the main emphasis was on the protection of the fur trade and the control of the Indians. . . .

The Upper Posts of the Great Lakes were usually garrisoned by one or two regiments of Foot (Infantry). During the years of the American Revolution, however, the garrison of the area was somewhat larger. … This was increased during the Revolution to three companies and, from 1784 to 1786 and 1788-1789 reduced to only one company. …”

Author: Written by Brian Leigh Dunnigan; Illustrated by Dirk Gringhuis
Publisher: Mackinac State Historic Parks
ISBN: 0-911872-20-5
Full-color illustrations. 38 Pages. 1973. Third printing 1993.
Price: $5.00