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Eighteenth-Century Gunflints from Fort Michilimackinac and other Colonial Sites

Archaeological Completion Report Series, Number 13

From the book: “The object of this monograph is to determine the source of gunflints used for 18th-century firearms in North America and to give reasons why gunflints from some sources apparently were preferred over ones from other sources. After defining nomenclature of gunflints and the firearms in which they were used, we investigated known source of flint and chert, chiefly English and French but some Spanish, German, and North American sources as well. …

Data from historical records are supplemented by thin sections of gunflints and samples from quarries. Examination of the thin sections by petrographic microscope and x-ray diffraction identifies enclosed fossils and minerals and gives an estimation of grain size. Sparking abilities of the different flints are measured by photographing the spark arrays and their variations produced during generally 50 successive snaps of flint against frizzen. Chips of flint and bits of molton steel produced during the spark intensity and wear of the frizzen. Finally, spark intensity is related to actual ignition of powder in the pan, and some comparisons of results from use of a French-style lock and a miquelet lock are given. …

This study began with the remarkable collection of gunflints found at Fort Michilimackinac …”

“(This monograph) is an essential reference work for everyone with more than a passing interest in gunflints.” – Charles Hansen, The Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly

“(This volume) is written primarily for an audience of archaeologists and firearms aficionados…(and) amply demonstrates the continued quality of work both undertaken and encouraged by the Park Commission in its role of illuminating and interpreting Michigan’s history for the public.” – Patrick Martin, Michigan History

Author: T.M. Hamilton and K.O. Emery
Publisher: Mackinac State Historic Parks
ISBN: 0-911872-73-6
Softbound, 281 Pages, 1988
Price: $6.95