A Place Called Home: Michigan’s Mill Creek Story


A Place Called Home: Michigan’s Mill Creek Story

The job of an historical fiction author is to create a story blended with fact and fancy…is designed to entertain you with a fascinating tale as well as to introduce you to this interesting historical location … The story of the Campbell family is vividly brought to life through the words of Janie Panagopoulos and the illustrations of Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen.

From the book: During the American Revolution, the Campbell family watched friends and neighbors move across the Straits of Mackinac to a new island home on Mackinac Island, while they stayed behind to await word of the need for a lumber mill.

“There’s a land, not far from here, once cleared by soldiers for firewood, where maple sugar runs and a fine, swift creek flows.” [said Papa]
“Aye,” said Mama, “we know the place.”
“It’s there I’ll build a sawmill to cut trees. This will please both the governor and king,” said Robert Campbell proudly.
“Aye,” said James, “it’s said there’s not enough wood on the island of Mackinac to build houses.”
“Or to build churches and schools,” added Mama.
“Nor for the building of the fort of cordwood for fireplaces,” added Papa
“Tis a good plan, Robert,” said Mama with a smile.
Johnny and little Mary were pleased at how clever their father was. Carefully, they tiptoed back to bed, their father’s voice fading into the howling winter wind.”

This award-winning book will delight children of all ages!

Author: Written by Janie Panagopoulos; Illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuzen
Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press and Mackinac State Historic Parks
ISBN: 1-58536-054-6
Illustrated, 48 pages, 2001
Price: $9.95