Art Contest

A Mackinac Day

The theme for the 2023 juried art exhibition is A Mackinac Day. There’s always something special about being able to spend a day on Mackinac. The sun seems to shine a little brighter. The sky seems a little bluer. Even days where things don’t go to plan can seem perfect. Everybody has their “Mackinac Day.” We encourage artists working in all media to share with us their artistic visions of what A Mackinac Day means to them.

The juror for the show will be announced at a later date. Click here to learn more about the exhibition.

2022 Gold Medal Winner “The D.M.C.” by Kelly Heck





2022 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

Mackinac Journeys

1st Kelly Heck – The D.M.C.
2nd Trish Morgan – Departure Blues
3rd Raymond Gaynor – Morning Cometh II
HM Cherie Correll – Wave
HM Tom Lewand – Farewell Blue Barrels
HM Catherine McClung – A Thousand Adventures

2021 Gold Medal Winner “Promenade” by Trish Morgan.

2021 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

The Seasons of Mackinac

1st Trish Morgan – Promenade
2nd Mary Bea McWatters – Early Late
3rd Gail Chirco – A Haunting at the Grand Hotel
HM Diane Neyer – Christmas Season
HM Robert McGreevy – Covid-19 Spring on Main Street
HM Shannon Westblade – Catch Your Breath at the Top

2020 Gold Medal Winner Ghost Ships off Truscott Street, by Gail Chirco.

2020 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

“A Day in the Park”

1st Gail Chirco – Ghost Ships off Truscott Street
2nd Kristy Avery – Sugar Loaf Rock Fox
3rd Jennifer Wohletz – Shadow in the Water
HM Trish Morgan – Marquette Park
HM Beth Bynum – Arch Rock View
HM Natalia Wohletz – Arch Rock in Winter


2019 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

2019 Gold Medal Winnder Trail Lookout, by Natalia Wohletz

“Visions of Mackinac”

1st Natalia Wohletz – Trail Lookout
2nd Mary Bea McWatters – West Bluff
3rd  John Demers – Morning After the Storm
HM –  Beth Bynum – A Grand View
HM – Jeremy Thornton – Almost There
HM – Philip Rice – Mackinac Raree

2018 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

“Landscapes of Mackinac”

1st Lauren Brady – The Sighing Tides
2nd Bill Murcko – Sugarloaf
3rd  Jennifer Wohletz – Mist over Blue Ice
HM –  Kevin Barton – Steps
HM – James Swanson – Winter Market Street
HM – Cherie Correll – The Arch

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