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2024 Juried Art Exhibition: Mackinac Rocks!

The theme for the 2024 juried art exhibition is Mackinac Rocks! From looking in wonder at the natural curiosity that is Arch Rock to skipping rocks at Windermere Point, to maybe enjoying some ‘rock’ at a local establishment or the fact that Mackinac Island is itself a large rock, it is safe to say that Mackinac Rocks! We encourage artists working in all media to share with us their artistic visions of what Mackinac Rocks! means to them.  

Juror for the show is Kristine Granger, Arts Faculty and Fine Arts Coordinator for Bay College in Escanaba.

Click here to learn more about the exhibition and how to enter.

2022 Gold Medal Winner “The D.M.C.” by Kelly Heck

A highly detailed painting of Sugarloaf rock on Mackinac Island.

2023 Gold Medal Winner “Sunshine on Sugarloaf” by Bill Murcko.

2023 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

A Mackinac Day – Juror: Nathan Kemler

1st Bill Murcko – Sunshine on Sugarloaf
2nd Kevin Barton – Only on the Straits
3rd Claire Larkins – Summer Street
HM Beth Bynum – Bicycle Parade
HM Cynthia Armstrong Rosa – Happiness Comes in Waves
HM Natalia Wohletz – Cedar Trails

2022 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

Mackinac Journeys – Juror: Vera Grant

1st Kelly Heck – The D.M.C.
2nd Trish Morgan – Departure Blues
3rd Raymond Gaynor – Morning Cometh II
HM Cherie Correll – Wave
HM Tom Lewand – Farewell Blue Barrels
HM Catherine McClung – A Thousand Adventures

2021 Gold Medal Winner “Promenade” by Trish Morgan.

2021 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

The Seasons of Mackinac – Juror: Bill Murcko

1st Trish Morgan – Promenade
2nd Mary Bea McWatters – Early Late
3rd Gail Chirco – A Haunting at the Grand Hotel
HM Diane Neyer – Christmas Season
HM Robert McGreevy – Covid-19 Spring on Main Street
HM Shannon Westblade – Catch Your Breath at the Top

2020 Gold Medal Winner Ghost Ships off Truscott Street, by Gail Chirco.

2020 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

A Day in the Park – Juror: Nathan Kemler

1st Gail Chirco – Ghost Ships off Truscott Street
2nd Kristy Avery – Sugar Loaf Rock Fox
3rd Jennifer Wohletz – Shadow in the Water
HM Trish Morgan – Marquette Park
HM Beth Bynum – Arch Rock View
HM Natalia Wohletz – Arch Rock in Winter


2019 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

2019 Gold Medal Winner Trail Lookout, by Natalia Wohletz

Visions of Mackinac – Juror: Emily Lanctot

1st Natalia Wohletz – Trail Lookout
2nd Mary Bea McWatters – West Bluff
3rd  John Demers – Morning After the Storm
HM –  Beth Bynum – A Grand View
HM – Jeremy Thornton – Almost There
HM – Philip Rice – Mackinac Raree

2018 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

Landscapes of Mackinac – Juror: Liz and Neil Ahrens

1st Lauren Brady – The Sighing Tides
2nd Bill Murcko – Sugarloaf
3rd  Jennifer Wohletz – Mist over Blue Ice
HM –  Kevin Barton – Steps
HM – James Swanson – Winter Market Street
HM – Cherie Correll – The Arch

2017 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

Mackinac in Motion – Juror: Joel Zwart

1st Mary Bea McWatters – Work Trucks
2nd Cherie Correll – Wind in the Sail
3rd Shin Miyakoshi – Surrey in a Hurry
HM – Timothy Anderson – Walk or Bike to the Lure of the Stir in Motion
HM – Kevin Barton – Walk Bicycles!
HM – James Swanson – The Snowy Way

2016 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

Waters of Mackinac – Juror: Henry Matthews

1st Saralee Howard – Leaving Mackinac (Rain and Tears)
2nd Kevin Barton – On the Way to Haldimand Bay
3rd  Lauren Brady – Ferry Ride 1950
HM –  Kristy Avery – Deep Waters
HM – Beth Bynum – Spring Thaw
HM – Renuka O’Connell – Home to Rest

2015 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

Peaceful Mackinac – Juror: Mary Fortuna

1st Patrick Wise – Overlook
2nd Maeve Croghan – Lilac Time
3rd  Renu O’Connell – Henry’s View
HM –  Margo Brian – On the East Side of the Island
HM – Lily Porter – Glory Be
HM – Beth Bynum – Loon’s Call – Peace

2014 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

Places of Mackinac – Juror: James Totti’s

1st Sylvia Hirschegger – Winter at Windermere Point
2nd Lily Porter – Sunrise at Silver Birches
3rd  Lauren Brady – Beyond Main Street
HM –  Robert McGreevy – Trinity Episcopal Church Solargraphy
HM – Bill Murcko – Sunny Day on Round Island
HM – Ragnar Avery – East Bluff Cottage Drive By

2013 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

People of Mackinac – Juror: Jane Dini

1st Bill Murcko – Jim Bogan
2nd Kevin Barton – Unsung Heroes The Street Washers of Mackinac
3rd  Diane Neyer – A Mackinac Tradition with Family and Friends
HM –  Melissa Croghan – She Never Missed A Summer
HM – James Swanson – In Plein Air
HM – Jacqueline Pearson – A Job Well Done

2012 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

Mackinac’s Grand Hotel – Jurors: Vince Carducci, Valerie Mercer, Marlee Brown

1st Kelly Dorman – The Foundation Or In The Beginning
2nd Don Munz – A Grand View
3rd  Beth Bynum – The Grand and The Turtle
HM –  Miranda Green – Walking Along The Fence Line
HM – Rosemary Gould – Grand Delights
HM – Karen Gould – Best In Show – Sadie Walks Grand Porch

2011 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

Contemporary Contest – Juror: Robert Wilbert

1st Kevin Barton – Above the Big Mac
2nd Robert Benjamin – Mackinac’s Leslie Avenue
3rd  Susan Glass – Garden Gait

Photography Contest – Juror: S. Kay Young

1st Charles Church – Sunset on the Straits
2nd Andrejka Hirschegger – Dreaming of Fort Holmes
3rd  Svetlana Trayser – L’Ame de Mackinac

2010 Juried Art Exhibition Winners

Contemporary Contest – Juror: MaryAnne Wilkinson

1st Kate Levy – Duck at Home
Purchase Award Winner: Elizabeth Pollie