Island History Series: View from the Veranda – History and Architecture of Mackinac Island’s Summer Cottages

Join Mackinac State Historic Parks’ Director Phil Porter for an inside look at the grand cottages of this uniquely Victorian island. During this presentation Porter will contrast fascinating historic photos of the cottages with modern portraits to describe the development, architecture and daily like of the summer cottage communities on Mackinac Island. Presented in the Station 256 Conference Room above the Mackinac Island State Park Visitor’s Center. This is a free Mackinac Parks: 125 event!

Michilimackinac at Work: Labor and Trades

Michilimackinac was a hardworking community in the 18th century. Voyageurs, blacksmiths, laundresses, clerks, and soldiers all plied their trades at the fort, employing both skilled and unskilled labor. Join the interpretive staff as they demonstrate a variety of tasks that made up the world of work at Michilimackinac in the 18th century. All special programs included with regular admission to Colonial Michilimackinac. A Mackinac Parks; 125 event!

Mackinac – Our Famous Island, presented by Mackinac Arts Council

Detroit Public TV and Mackinac State Historic Parks takes viewers along its many shores and trails to experience the natural beauty of the island, visit landmarks that reveal its earliest history and introduce the people who still work to preserve this special place. There is far more to this sacred island than horses and fudge, and DPTV cameras capture the landscape and beauty while connecting us to the diverse communities and people who have been stewards of Mackinac Island throughout its history.

Presented in the Center for the Arts, located at Mission Point Resort. This is a free event. Make sure to visit the Mackinac Arts Council to check out its 2020 event schedule!