Island History Series: Fudge – Mackinac’s Sweet Souvenir

Mackinac Island and fudge. Both symbolize indulgence, fantasy and escape. But there’s more to fudge than sugar, butter, chocolate and cream. Join Phil Porter, Mackinac State Historic Parks Director and Chief Fudge Taster, as he explores the history of Mackinac’s most delicious souvenir. Presented at the Station 256 Conference Room. This is a free Mackinac Parks: 125 event!

Island History Series: Mackinac Island’s Influence on the Civil War

For this entry into our “Island History Series,” Mackinac State Historic Parks Registrar Brian Jaeschke will offer a look at the military post of Fort Mackinac and the officers at the fort prior to the civil war, the event of the fort becoming a prison for three confederate sympathizers, a profile of Sgt. William Marshall, the longest serving officer at Fort Mackinac, the lives of Mackinac Island residents who served in the war, and the post-war army and the Grand Army of the Republic on the island. This is a FREE Mackinac Parks: 125 event, presented by the Mackinac Island Community Foundation!

Hidden Histories: The Grenadiers’ “Mutiny” of 1780

As part of the Mackinac Parks: 125 festivities, we want to explore elements of Colonial Michilimackinac’s history and culture that are not currently well-represented in interpretive programming and exhibits. This walking tour/discussion will focus on the Grenadiers’ “mutiny” of 1780, and will be led by historian(s) from Mackinac State Historic Parks. This is a free event.