Fort Mackinac Accessibility


Outdoor surfaces are wooden boardwalks and grass.


The facilities within Fort Mackinac are considered to be accessible, to have moderate access, or to have difficult access.

  • Accessible – Most visitors will find these areas fully accessible. The following are considered accessible: Post Commissary containing the audiovisual program, Post Headquarters, Quartermaster’s Storehouse, Restrooms, Soldiers’ Barracks including first floor museum store and the second floor exhibit, Post Hospital, Officers’ Stone Quarters including the “Kids’ Quarters,” Officers’ Wood Quarters, Water Well, parade ground which holds most demonstrations, and the Grand Hotel food cart, which offers light refreshments.
  • Moderate Access – Visitors with mobility impairments may have difficulty accessing these areas. The following are considered moderate access: Officers’ Hill Quarters and the Guardhouse.
  • Difficult Access – Significant barriers create difficult access for visitors with mobility impairments. The following are considered difficult access: Post Bathhouse, Schoolhouse, North Blockhouse, West Blockhouse, Tea Room Restaurant, East Blockhouse, and upper gun platform, which is the location of the cannon firing demonstration. If you are not able to access the upper gun platform, a live camera is located at the lower level, at the southeastern edge of the parade ground. You will be able to see the live presentation and firing of the cannon from here. Accessible service for the Tea Room Restaurant is available on the covered piazza at the rear of the Officers’ Stone Quarteres. A video program is available west of the North Blockhouse.


Several wheelchairs are available for loan near the Avenue of Flags entrance gate. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Visitors

All audiovisual programs contain captioning.


Mackinac State Historic Parks gives a 25 percent discount to visitors with disabilities who may not be able to enjoy all of our programs and exhibits.