Mackinac Island State Park Transportation

Horse Travel

The largest transportation firm on Mackinac Island is Mackinac Island Carriage Tours, a consortium of 30 local families when formed in 1948. The firm currently operates 75 horse-drawn vehicles with more than 300 horses.

The Carriage Tour and taxi service are based downtown, while private livery tours are available at the foot of Marquette Park at the corner of Fort Street. Hourly rentals are also available for “drive yourself” carriages and “ride yourself” saddle horses.

Carriage Tour Tickets 906-847-3325

Cindy’s Riding Stable 906-847-3572

Gough Livery 906-847-3391

Jack’s Livery Stable 906-847-3391

Mackinac Island Carriage Tours 906-847-3307

Mackinac Island Taxi 906-847-3323


Picturesque M-185 takes riders past Arch Rock, British Landing and Brown’s Brook and provides spectacular views of the shimmering blue waters of the Straits of Mackinac. Garrison and British Landing Roads combine to create a delightful bike route through the center of the island beginning behind Fort Mackinac. Most riders prefer to ride this route north to British Landing to take advantage of the downhill slope in that direction.

Rental bike liveries are located throughout the downtown area and at some hotels.

State law currently forbids the use of e-bikes within Mackinac Island State Park and the City of Mackinac Island without authorization from those respective entities. However, the Mackinac Island State Park Commission and City of Mackinac Island do have the following exception:

Use of Class I electric assist tricycles/bicycles for persons with disabilities as that term is defined in 42 USC 12102 is permitted in the Mackinac Island State Park in accordance to MISPC procedures.

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Safety first! The island streets and roads are often crowded and bikers are urged to use extreme caution, go slowly down hills, and always watch for pedestrians and horses. They always have the right of way.