Educational Resources

There are many ways for Mackinac State Historic Parks to impact your students in the classroom. Click the links below for information on our award-winning outreach programs, new programs being offered virtually this school year, and education and lesson plans.

  • Virtual Outreach – Historic Mackinac on Tour

    Park of Mackinac State Historic Parks’ educational outreach program for over 20 years, Historic Mackinac on Tour allows students to explore the complex cultural relationships that powered 18th century Michigan. See how Anishnaabek, French Canadian, and British residents cooperated and compromised with one another as part of the Great Lakes fur trade and participated in a global economic and cultural exchange. Target audience: 3rd Grade.

  • Lesson Plans and Educational Resources

    A variety of supporting materials you can use for your classroom are available for you at any time. See how our programs and plans help meet State of Michigan GLCEs!  NOTE:  We are currently updating the curriculum pages to the new Science and C3 Social Studies Standards for Michigan.

  • Virtual Outreach – Lights and Lenses: Science at Old Mackinac Point

    New for the 2020-21 school year! Take a look (and listen) at the science of waves with an historical twist. Using the technology of Michigan’s lighthouses, including Old Mackinac Point, students will learn how light and sound were harnessed to keep Great Lakes sailors safe. Target Audience: 4th Grade.

  • Virtual Outreach – Slavery in Colonial Michigan

    New for the 2020-21 school year! This program will allow students to critically examine the daily lives of enslaved Native American and African people living and working in places like Michilimackinac in the 18th century, and how systems of enslavement contributed to early Michigan history. Target audience: 5th Grade.

  • Virtual Outreach – Women at Michilimackinac

    New for the 2020-21 school year! Women at Michilimackinac were not bystanders to the 18th century fur-trading community. In this program students will be introduced to women from diverse backgrounds that all had an integral role in making the Straits of Mackinac a successful fortified trans-shipment point. Target audience: 5th Grade.

  • Virtual Outreach – The Revolutionary War in Michigan

    New for the 2020-21 school year! People from Michigan played a critical role in the American Revolution. This program will allow students to explore their motivations for participating in the war, and will provide an overview of the numerous contributions the Anishnaabek and other indigenous people made in shaping the outcome of the Revolution. Target audience: 5th Grade.

  • Virtual Outreach – Weathering the Climate: Science and Gardening at Michilimackinac

    New for the 2020-21 school year! Gardens in the 18th century at Michilimackinac were dynamic spaces where flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables were grown for pleasure and nourishment. In this program your students will follow one 18th century gardener and how they were able to grow a garden at Michilimackinac in a new and different climate. Target audience: 3rd Grade.

  • Virtual Outreach – Challenges to Expansion: The War of 1812 in Michigan

    New for the 2020-21 school year! This program will challenge students to assess the United States’ place in the early 19th century world through the lens of the War of 1812. This conflict, which pitted the young country against Great Britain and a host of Native American nations, had critical implications for Michigan and the new nation. Target audience: 8th Grade.