Michigan Curriculum Standards at Mackinac State Historic Parks

Mackinac State Historic Parks’ educational program meet a number of Michigan Curriculum Standards. Click below for more information.  NOTE:  We are currently updating the curriculum pages to the new Science and C3 Social Studies Standards for Michigan from the GLCEs.

Site Visits
Visit any Mackinac State Historic Sites with your students for an exceptional on-site trip and meet the C3 and Science Standards for Michigan!

Artifact Box
The Artifact Box contains over 20 original and reproduction pieces that give students a first-hand experience with the past!
 Artifact Box Loan Form

Water, Woods, and Wildlife Outreach Program
This natural history outreach program comes right to your classroom! Learn about Michigan watersheds, waterways, and wildlife.

Historic Mackinac on Tour Outreach Program
Explore Michigan’s history and fur trade through artifacts, activities, and adventures! This program comes right to the classroom!

Fort Mackinac Military Muster
Muster up to Fort Mackinac for an evening of soldiering, living like a Victorian kid, and learning about the past!

Colonial Michilimackinac History Overnights
Spend the night at the fort and find out what it is like to live in colonial time in Michigan!