Financial Manager 14

Mackinac Island State Park Commission is now accepting applications for the position of Financial Manager – 14.  Interested applicants should visit the state of Michigan employment website at: and complete the on-line application process listed for this position.  Only on-line applications will be accepted for this position and only candidates invited to interview will be contacted.  Requirements listed below are not conclusive.

Application must be received by 5:00pm, Friday, April 17, 2020

Incumbent will serve as the Chief Financial officer for the Mackinac Island State Park Commission (MISPC). Incumbent has sole responsibility for the plans, implementation, direction, and evaluation of all fiscal matters for the entire MISPC.  The responsibilities include the recommendation of budgetary and accounting policy to the director; serving as a member of the DNR DCBT; providing financial information to DNR budget and accounting divisions/sections for legislative consideration; serving as liaison with internal and external auditors; supervision of accounting, clerical and other support staff; preparation, analysis and monitoring of all operation, capital outlay and bond project budgets; and management and monitoring of the Commission’s cash and long and short term investment, supervising or preparing financial reporting.

Division Chief of Finance & Accounting Functions:

Serves as liaison to DNR Department Budget Control Team (DBCT), responding to all requests for information, analysis, budget changes, contingency plans, budget planning and monitoring.  Primary contact for any budgetary or accounting issues.  Coordinate Commission fiscal management and accounting with DNR, Department of Technology, Management and Budget (DTMB), Office of Financial Management (OFM), Office of Auditor General (OAG) and State Treasurer.  Provide detailed information to DBCT for budget planning purposes; including Appropriation Validations, CSB- Current Baseline Changes, RFC -Request for Changes, Work Projects and Capital Requests.  Primary contact for providing accounting code information to DNR accounting for various payroll and other expenses.  Complete state quarterly reports including spend plan. Serve on MISPC budget committee to hear requests from various unit managers.  Develop and prepare annual state funded payroll, operating and capital outlay budgets from numerous appropriations and funding sources for review and approval by committee and Director.  Monitor activity on all accounts through-out the fiscal year.  Prepare monthly reports of all cost centers and accounts for review by Director, Commissioners, Unit Managers, and outside inquiries which includes legislative requests.  Make recommendations for adjustments to the director as deemed necessary.  Participate in agency long range and annual planning.  Coordinate with all unit managers and work units on fiscal and office management issues.  Monitor and analyze budget activity during the fiscal year and initiate and coordinate annual audit by independent audit firm.  Schedule audit field work and prepare any necessary end of year work papers and analysis. Review and validate payroll, retirement and withholding information for the Pension and OPEB calculations, work with Auditor and State Accounting for appropriate footnote disclosures. Review and oversee crosswalk report to State OFM an OAG.  Serve as a member of the MISPC budget committee.  Develop and prepare annual revenue bond payroll, operating and capital outlay budgets for review and approval by committee and Director.

Accounting/Cash Handling Oversight:

Oversee and coordinate all accounting and cash handling procedures, including supervisory responsibility of all accounting staff and assisting the Sales Manager with cash handling procedures for the 4 lead cashier’s position.  Direct and oversee all aspects of Mackinac Island airport accounting, along with Park Manager.  Supervise all staff responsible for daily accounting functions, including cash management and deposits, payment vouchers, VTS usage reports, time and attendance reports, field requisitions, CS 138 activity and other financial functions.  Oversee audit of daily receipts reports prepared by lead cashiers for accuracy, trace deposits to appropriate banks.  Primary contact for any activity by State of Michigan Auditor General’s office, including periodic audits and any year end processes.  Monitor Historical Facility expenditures and adjust expenses.  Compute and prepare check for year-end payment to DNR for reimbursement of annual expenditures to appropriation and fund.

Office/Computer Systems Management:

Plan and direct office management for the Commission office in Mackinaw City ensuring adequate office support staff.  Oversee computer system administration for Revenue Bond accounting.  With the assistance of the Sales Manager, oversee the Point of Sale (POS) computerized operations.  IT systems include a 2 file servers, 7 back office workstations  and 18 on location all in one units, 19 Verifone devises, 21 receipt printers and other printers and peripherals. Trouble-shoot system and, with the assistance of a seasonal IT support employee, undertake remedies in the event of failures.  Maintain inventory list of all hardware and software and undertake periodic upgrades as necessary.

Oversight of Revenue Bond Enterprise Unit:

Provide background data and prepare various reports and spreadsheets for MISPC bond issues as they are offered.  Maintain track sheets for various bond related projects to assure expenditures follow bond issuance guidelines.  Prepare appropriate arbitrage work papers when bond related issues and projects are completed.  Develop annual budget for operating, payroll and capital outlay budgets for the Revenue Bond Enterprise Fund activity.  Monitor expenditures throughout the year and prepare monthly financial reports for review by the Director and Commission for Revenue Bond activity. Prepare information for annual S&P Bond review. Other oversite responsibilities: Capitalization and depreciation of fixed assets; establish monthly accruals; inventory accounting and adjustments.

Select and assign staff. Establish objectives, conduct performance reviews, and identify development and training needs of staff. Conduct staff meetings to discuss assignments, technical issues, personnel matters, department issues, operations issues, etc.

Select and assign staff.  Set priorities, coordinate and monitor staff.  Establish objectives, complete performance evaluations, perform disciplinary action if required.  Coordinate work schedules to accommodate leave and vacation requests.  Coordinate work schedules to ensure appropriate level of coverage.  Evaluate staff training needs and provide staff development opportunities including cross training within the section and other opportunities as appropriate.  Review employee classifications and assign work appropriately.

Physical Requirements:

Strenuous physical activities are limited, but this position requires the ability to sit for long periods of time, utilize a computer using repetitive hand motions, and travel as needed statewide, out-of-state and between MISPC sites.  The CFO must be able to utilize ferry boat travel to and from Mackinac Island.  The position will require the employee to constantly review park grounds on foot, by bicycle or in vehicle (mainland only) in all types of weather, including heat and cold.  The employee must be able to work in an office that does not have air-conditioning.  The employee must be able to do the following physical activities with or without reasonable accommodation:  sit or stand for long periods of time, infrequent lifting and/or carrying of heavy items, twisting, bending, stooping, kneeling, reaching, standing, sitting and grasping.  The employee must be able to walk long distances and up steep inclines on a variety of ground surfaces, including rough terrain.

APPLICATION PROCESS (Applications must be RECEIVED by 5:00pm Friday, April 17, 2020)

Interested applicants should visit the state of Michigan employment website at: and complete the on-line application process listed for this position.  Only on-line applications will be accepted for this position and only candidates invited to interview will be contacted.

Mackinac State Historic Parks is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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