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An Evening with the Voyageurs

French-Canadian voyageurs were some of the most colorful residents of Michilimackinac. This unique opportunity allows your students to become voyageurs for the evening, showcasing the importance of the voyageurs to the overall fur trade on the Great Lakes.

This program is available May 12 through June 2, 2023. Applications can be found at the bottom of this page and will be accepted beginning January 1.


At the end of the program, students will have learned that French-Canadian voyageurs were critical to the fur trade, linking Native American suppliers with Euro-American consumers via their annual rendezvous at Michilimackinac.

Grade Level
The programs are designed for grades 3-8 (ideally Michigan history students)

Program Length
5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Group is expected to arrive around 5:00 p.m. to Visitor’s Center to use restrooms and gather to head to fort.

Group Size
Up to 40 students. Four chaperones are required for the program, with a maximum of eight.

$20 per student/adult
$400 minimum (no exceptions; this covers costs)
Transportation is not included in the cost.
A deposit of $200 (half of minimum cost) is required with application for program. Full payment is due two weeks prior to scheduled program. Please make checks payable to Mackinac State Historic Parks.

Your group is responsible for providing its own food for the night’s dinner before you arrive at Colonial Michilimackinac. One snack will be provided during that night that consists of food cooked on the open hearth (boiled peas, bread, and drink) that the students will cook during the evening.

Each group is responsible for its own transportation to and from Colonial Michilimackinac.

Visit Responsibilities
Each teacher/chaperone will be assigned duties ahead of the stay by Mackinac State Historic Parks (MSHP) to help with the activities during the evening experience. A pre-visit information packet will be sent to the participating school. It is important for teachers/chaperones to take an active role in the evening events. Schedules will be sent to the contact teacher in advance of the program. Teachers/Chaperones are required to attend to discipline problems, illness and minor injuries.

The contact teacher will receive a packet of information including pre- and post- visit materials, schedules of events and schedules of teacher’s/chaperone’s duties, background information, video about Colonial Michilimackinac and a map of where events will take place. It is the contact teacher’s responsibility to distribute this information, prepare the students and teachers/chaperones for the evening and contact MSHP with any questions, comments and concerns.

Medical Information and Parental Release Agreement
In case of emergencies or health concerns, the participating school will have parents sign release forms for the event and inform parents on types of activities students are involved in and acquire medical information and permission for emergency medical treatment about each participating student. The school is responsible for any medication or medicines that are handed out to the students. MSHP does not assume any responsibility for any emergency situation pertaining to the participating group.

A MSHP staff member will be on site to help with emergency situations and provide first aid kits to chaperones.
Other Forms

To help prepare for your overnight experience we will provide:

  • Student needs list
  • Chaperone needs list
  • Sample Itinerary
  • Chaperone Responsibilities
  • Teacher’s Packet

Application Process
Complete applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. An application is considered complete only with deposit. Deposit will not be cashed until program is confirmed. The application for this program can be found by clicking this link. 

Craig Wilson
P.O. Box 873
Mackinaw City, MI 49701