A Search for the 18th Century Village at Michilimackinac: A Soil Resistivity Survey

A Search for the Eighteenth Century Village at Michilimackinac: A Soil Resistivity Survey

Archaeological Completion Report Series
Number 4

From the book: “During August and September of 1978, a resistivity survey was undertaken by the Mackinac Island State Park Commission in the area of Fort Michilimackinac Historic Park believed to be the location of the eighteenth-century village immediately east of Fort Michilimackinac itself. The survey was organized into a series of fifteen 60 foot square research units, with resistivity readings taken at three-foot intervals within these units using the double-dipole, four-probe technique. A total of 5000 values were recorded and somewhat less than one acre was tested. Computer-generated resistance contour maps of the research units were derived from the data to aid in analysis. Results indicate that in spite of heavy twentieth-century disturbances in the area, some probable eighteenth-century patterns and anomalies were located. Verification awaits future excavation.”

“A technical report… remote sensing reconnaissance conducted at [Fort Michilimackinac which] describes efforts to detect evidence of a neighboring village immediately east of the stockaded settlement… The Mackinac Island State Park Commission is to be commended for establishing the Archaeological Completion Report Series. Rarely are quality reports such as this one issued from such agencies (and) it is hoped that the MISPC will continue to present the results of such studies in a timely fashion.” – Vergil E. Noble The Michigan Archaeologist

Author: Written by J. Mark Williams and Gary Shapiro
ISBN: 0-911872-43-4
Illustrations, maps, tables, Bibliography, 79 pages, 1982 Softbound A02
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