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1. Porcupine

Porcupines of the North Woods

Few people realize that Mill Creek is a home to the second largest rodent on the continent, the North American Porcupine.

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2004.134.30 300

Girl Scouts and the Mackinac Island Scout Service Camp

Since its creation in 1929 the program has gone through many changes, however none quite as notable as the inclusion of Girl Scouts.

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canoe and goods

She Lived Here, Too: Sally Ainse

Sally Ainse was one of many people drawn to Michilimackinac in the 18th century. During her life she worked as an interpreter, fur trader, farmer, and real estate investor.

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19th Century Women Writers and Mackinac Island

Two such 19th century women writers, long overlooked compared to their male contemporaries, nevertheless also took inspiration from Mackinac’s one-of-a-kind scenery and made notable, even remarkable contributions to literature. 

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Fort-Cannon (3)

What’s New for 2021?

  Opening day for Mackinac State Historic Parks’ sites is a little more than two months away, and MSHP staff have been busy readying new …

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P8310131 - Pottery fragments excavated at Getewaaking.

Getewaaking – “At the Place of the Ancient Ones”

Mackinac Island is blessed with a lovely natural harbor. The beach terrace above it has always been a center of activity. Today this area is the business district and Marquette Park. Hundreds of years ago this area was a bustling village.

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Mission Church sign

Historic Mission Church

  Located in the eastern end of Mackinac Island’s historic downtown, Mission Church is Michigan’s oldest surviving church building. Built in 1829, it is one …

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Fort Mackinac during a summer encampment- note the tents in the distance, pitched on the government pasture.

Michigan State Troops at Mackinac, 1888

To provide the soldiers with a taste of regular campaigning, through the 1880s the 23rd Regiment partnered with the Michigan State Troops (a forerunner to the Michigan National Guard) to host summer training camps. In 1888, the Michigan State Troops elected to hold the annual encampment on Mackinac Island.

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This Castle pattern plate was manufactured by James and Ralph Clews of Staffordshire between 1815 and 1834.

Archaeology at the Biddle House

The Mackinac Island Native American Museum at the Biddle House will be one of the exciting new offerings from Mackinac State Historic Parks for the 2021 season. As visitors explore the new galleries a few of the artifacts they will see come from an archaeological excavation that took place on the property nearly fifty years ago.

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Jim Evans 1

Jim Evans – 50 Years at Michilimackinac

It would have been very easy for Jim Evans to take a victory lap during the 2020 season. 2020 was his 50th season at Colonial …

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2020 Collections Acquisitions

In 2020, the collections committee accessioned 425 objects into the state park historic collection and archives.

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row cover and cloak

Row Covers and Bell Jars

  As many visitors to Colonial Michilimackinac know, we have a lot of gardens inside the palisade. The walls of the fort, as well as the geography of northern Michigan, create a unique climate at our site. But what if we need more protection from the weather?

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