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Staying Warm: Women’s Winter Clothing at Colonial Michilimackinac

With winter settling in on the Straits of Mackinac, you may wonder: what did the historic residents of Michilimackinac do when they got cold?

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turkey feather vanes cloeseup by Kyle Bagnall

Michigan’s Wild Turkeys

As Michiganders prepare for Thanksgiving, sooner or later thoughts turn to turkey. Today, after a long and sometimes perilous history, the eastern wild turkey is a familiar site to many Michigan residents.

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She Lived Here Too: Marie Constance Chevalier

She lived her, too. Marie Constance Chevalier was one of the few people who made Michilimackinac their permanent home in the early years of Michilimackinac’s history.

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Arch Rock October 2021 by K. Bagnall

Early Accounts of Arch Rock

On an island known for awe-inspiring natural wonders, Arch Rock is certainly Mackinac’s most iconic.

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The Commanding Officer’s Privy: A New Addition at Michilimackinac

When you visit Colonial Michilimackinac in 2022, if you look in the right place you’ll see a newly reconstructed building.

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Gurdon Hubbard and The Great Chicago Fire

October 8, 2021 marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Great Chicago Fire. What’s the connection to Mackinac? Gurdon Hubbard.

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Lowbush Blueberry

Autumn Berries of the North Woods

As flowering plants bear fruit in early Autumn, many species of wild berries ripen, each containing seeds to perpetuate a new generation of plants.

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What's in the Basement

What’s in the basement?

One of the main questions visitors have when they visit Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse: what’s in the basement? Find out here.

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Michilimackinac Archaeology 2021 Wrap-Up

The 2021 Michilimackinac field season came to a satisfying close in late August. After seven seasons of excavation, we have finally reached the bottom of the southeast root cellar!

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Fit Out Smaller

Chief Wawatam 110th Launching Anniversary

It was 110 years ago that the Chief Wawatam was side launched, and it remained active on the Straits of Mackinac until 1984.

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mess time

Where’s the Rum? Liquor and Soldiers at Michilimackinac

A common question we hear at Michilimackinac concerns liquor being dispensed to soldiers.

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A site you won't typically see on Mackinac Island. This was done for an ad.

Why are certain things banned on Mackinac Island?

Why are certain things banned on Mackinac Island? Find out here!

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