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Shipwreck Museum

Dive into the past at Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse and learn why ‘shipwrecks don’t just happen’

You may know the story of the Titanic, the luxury ocean liner that struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage and quickly sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. But did you know that another large ship met a similar fate off Michigan’s coastline just three years earlier?

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Revolver 2014 #1

SS Minneapolis Revolver

On April 4, 1894, the bulk steam freighter Minneapolis sank in the Straits of Mackinac after taking on water due to ice damage.

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View of the Agency House with the Indian Dormitory beyond it.

Mackinac Indian Agency

Modern visitors to Mackinac Island still have a chance to see numerous reminders of the community’s heyday as a center of the Great Lakes fur trade.

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Michilimackinac Archaeology 2021 Has Begun

The 63rd archaeological field season at Michilimackinac got underway June 1. This will be the 14th season at the current project, the excavation of House E of the Southeast Rowhouse.

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Edwin Sellers

Memorial Day at Fort Mackinac

It’s a crisp morning in late May. Members of the 23rd Regiment at Fort Mackinac assemble on the parade ground in their dress uniforms and begin the slow, somber march out of the North Sally Port at Fort Mackinac and head toward the Post Cemetery.

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Marsh Marigolds with Mill Creek in background

Mackinac’s Wildflowers

Miles of footpaths on Mackinac Island and at Mill Creek invite you to slow your pace, pay attention, and let nature’s beauty refresh your mind and spirit. Welcome to the North Woods. This is Mackinac.

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Trousers, Overalls or Gaitered Trousers? A new Look at Michilimackinac

As the American Revolution intensified in the mid-to-late 1770s, and increasing numbers of British soldiers deployed to North America, soldiers began receiving a new type of uniform legwear.

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When historic Mackinaw City, Mackinac Island sites open in 2021

With COVID-19 health precautions at Mackinac State Historic Parks, you can safely visit and enjoy any or all of the sites in Mackinaw City and on Mackinac Island this year.

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Mark Catesby big file c.1743

Passenger Pigeons at Mackinac

As long as people have lived in the north woods, they’ve eagerly awaited signs of spring.

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The Mackinac Island State Park Visitor's Center from Fort Mackinac.

What Can I Find at the Mackinac Island State Park Visitor’s Center?

Today, we would like to share with you what the Mackinac Island State Park Visitor Center on Mackinac Island is all about and what you can find there.

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20210403_07 view from south

Shifting Sands

The high water levels of the Great Lakes in recent years have caused significant erosion along the shoreline, exposing many long-buried landscape features. This year, …

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1st model Long Land buttplate MS2.14261.6

Gun Parts from the South Southwest Rowhouse at Michilimackinac

Between 1998 and 2007 Mackinac State Historic Parks excavated the east end unit of the South Southwest Rowhouse. One of the most interesting categories of artifacts excavated at the house was gun parts.

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