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Tag: Weapons

Army Marksmanship at Fort Mackinac

While American history is full of stories and legends of soldiers and civilians skillfully using their muskets and rifles in the heat of battle or some other dramatic event, the truth is that most people in the 1800s had little-to-no experience in long-range shooting or even basic firearm skills. This included the army.

Fix Bayonets!

Throughout Fort Mackinac’s military history, British and American soldiers were issued bayonets to complement their shoulder arms. Learn a bit more about them here:

Michilimackinac’s Artillery

Over the past few years the staff at Mackinac State Historic Parks has diligently been adding reproductions of Michilimackinac’s artillery throughout the site to provide visitors an accurate representation of what the site looked like in the 1770s.

Archaeology Update

Halfway through the archaeology season we have found some interesting artifacts, the end of some features, and more questions. The root cellar in the southeast corner of the house has

Special Events at Colonial Michilimackinac

Although there aren’t any big anniversaries to celebrate this year, there will be a number of exciting special events throughout the summer at Colonial Michilimackinac. From June to September, two

Weapons of Michilimackinac

Although it primarily served as a logistical center for the Great Lakes fur trade, the post of Michilimackinac remained a military establishment from the moment it was constructed by French