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Tag: U.S. Army

The Hospital Corps at Fort Mackinac

While the Hospital Corps only came into being toward the very end of Fort Mackinac’s time as an active military post, it demonstrates another way Fort Mackinac experienced the changing times of the army.

Opening Fort Mackinac

One of the highlights of any visit to Fort Mackinac is interacting with our interpretive staff. Take a little peek behind the scenes on what it takes to open a site like Fort Mackinac and work here as an interpreter.

Maple Taps at Mackinac

Maple sugaring has finished for the 2023 season. While most sugaring was done nearby, we do know that at least a few maples were tapped on Mackinac Island in the 1880s.

Fix Bayonets!

Throughout Fort Mackinac’s military history, British and American soldiers were issued bayonets to complement their shoulder arms. Learn a bit more about them here:

Dr. William Beaumont and Alexis St. Martin

On June 6, 1822, a shot rang out inside the American Fur Company’s retail store located on Mackinac Island’s Market Street. When the smoke cleared, Alexis St. Martin, lay bleeding on the floor…

Natural Springs of Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is blessed with a number of natural springs which percolate through limestone bedrock. Some, like Dwightwood Spring and Croghan Water, are well known. Others not as much. Learn more about them here.

An image from the 1980s showing archaeological work at the Wood Quarters

Archaeology at Fort Mackinac – Officers’ Wood Quarters

One of the more unusual archaeological projects to take place at Fort Mackinac was an excavation that took place under a standing structure. The main question that excavation was looking to answer? Who built the Officer’s Wood Quarters, and when was it built?

Fairy Arch by Henry Chapman Ford 1874

Mackinac Island’s Other Arches

Arch Rock is Mackinac Island’s most famous and spectacular limestone formation. A century ago, curious visitors could find two additional arches, also celebrated for their natural beauty and rich traditions.