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Tag: Northern Michigan

Cedars and Everlastings: Mackinac’s Amazing Evergreens

The evergreens in this article represent just a few of the “Cedars and Everlastings” you’ll find while exploring Mackinac Island. During your next visit, you’ll just need a trail map, your walking shoes, and an adventurous spirit. Trees of the North Woods are ready to whisper their stories to us. We only need remember how to listen.

Education Outreach Brings History to Life

Our historic sites may be closed for another two months, but right now small teams of interpreters are traveling around the state to bring Mackinac’s history to life in elementary

2016 Collections Acquisitions

In 2016, the Mackinac Island State Park Commission accessioned 131 gifts and 142 purchases to the historic object and archival collection. Postcards, stereoviews and ruby souvenir glass by island businessman

Trekking Through the Snow, Naturally

Snowshoes: What a great idea! But, where did the original idea for snowshoes come from? If the French explorers and missionaries first learned about the advantages of snowshoes from the

Time to Enjoy the Spring Wildflowers

One of the surest signs that spring has arrived in the north woods is the appearance of an abundance of beautiful wildflowers covering the forest floor. For many species of