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Tag: Michigan

Lilac Scented Memories

Our Park Naturalist, Kyle, was recently doing some research and came across a couple of accounts of Mackinac’s lilacs dating to the 1840s. Learn more here!

Michigan’s Wild Turkeys

As Michiganders prepare for Thanksgiving, sooner or later thoughts turn to turkey. Today, after a long and sometimes perilous history, the eastern wild turkey is a familiar site to many Michigan residents.

Cedars and Everlastings: Mackinac’s Amazing Evergreens

The evergreens in this article represent just a few of the “Cedars and Everlastings” you’ll find while exploring Mackinac Island. During your next visit, you’ll just need a trail map, your walking shoes, and an adventurous spirit. Trees of the North Woods are ready to whisper their stories to us. We only need remember how to listen.

Historic Mission Church

  Located in the eastern end of Mackinac Island’s historic downtown, Mission Church is Michigan’s oldest surviving church building. Built in 1829, it is one of the earliest examples of

She Lived Here, Too: Fanny Corbusier

For a brief time, from April of 1882 until September of 1884, Fanny Dunbar Corbusier and her family lived at Fort Mackinac. She and her family thoroughly enjoyed their time on the island, which was already a tourist destination.

John Askin’s Garden: Potatoes

Although most food was purchased and shipped to Michilimackinac, local gardens provided an important source of fresh produce for the community’s 18th century residents. We currently maintain over 5,000 square