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Tag: British Military

The Mystery of the Five Michilimackinac Soldiers

Ongoing historical research and archaeological excavations form the backbone of our interpretive programs and exhibits. Every now and then we come across a mystery! Read more about a mystery of five soldiers from British Michilimackinac who switched sides during the American Revolution.

Archaeology at Fort Mackinac – Provision Storehouse

The largest archaeological excavation to take place at Fort Mackinac was the site of the original provision storehouse. Interestingly, it was the second time the provision storehouse was excavated, but the first time at Fort Mackinac.

The Wall Gun

There is another 18th century weapon that gets fired occasionally, and it’s an interesting cross between a cannon and a musket. Let’s take a look at our wall gun.

A Short Land Pattern Musket of 1769

When you visit Colonial Michilimackinac, you’ll probably see a few historical interpreters representing British soldiers of the 8th Regiment going about their daily routine of demonstrations and tours. Every day,

The Grenadiers’ “Mutiny” of 1780

The summer of 1780 was not a happy time at Michilimackinac. Patrick Sinclair, the lieutenant governor since October 1779, found himself at odds with most of the community he nominally

Ice Fishing at Michilimackinac

Right now, it’s cold at the Straits of Mackinac. The straits are almost completely iced over, apart from slim shipping tracks kept open by Coast Guard icebreakers. While today those

Mill Creek – What Happened Next?

Visitors to Historic Mill Creek learn about the Campbell and Dousman families and their employees operating the saw and grist mills and farm at the site. What happened next?

Blacksmithing at Michilimackinac

The blacksmith shop at Colonial Michilimackinac, historically, was used to repair guns for the soldiers that served there. Justin, our blacksmith at Michilimackinac, repairs a hammer on a gun lock