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Mackinac Location: Mackinaw City

Farming at Mill Creek

Led by a costumed interpreter, this program explores 19th century farming at Mill Creek, including growing hay, grinding grain, cutting firewood, and tending livestock. Learn about life beyond the sawmill

Sawmill Demonstration

With a smell of fresh sawdust in the air, the awesome power of the water never fails to impress as the mill springs to life, fed by the pond and

Sawpit Demonstration

Prior to the development of the water-powered sawmill, a pitsaw was used to cut timber into lumber. See how this method was done, and you never know – you may

Nature of the North Woods

Meet a naturalist at the picnic area for a 30-minute program. Topics vary, and may include a guided nature walk, stories, and fun activities focused on plants and animals living

Forest Friends Play Area

An area for kids of all ages to learn about some of the wildlife found at Historic Mill Creek. Don’t miss the Chickadee Zip Line!