Post Hospital

Learn about early 19th-century medicine on Mackinac Island, including methods of diagnosis and treatment.  How did the United States Army prevent a smallpox epidemic on the island? How prevalent was tuberculosis at Fort Mackinac and what does the virus look like under a microscope?  Find out for yourself with these interactive exhibits:

  • Children’s area containing a giant hands-on, interactive stethoscope and microscope
  • Medical tools exhibit, including a catheter, bone saw, surgical scalpel, trephine crown for drilling into the skull, and artery forceps.
  • Smallpox vaccination exhibit
  • Virtual physician exhibit featuring the hologram of an actor portraying army doctor Erastus Wolcott, who served at Fort Mackinac in the 19th-century, examining patients and making diagnosises; and a hologram of a modern doctor comparing Dr. Wolcott’s diagnosis and treatment of these real historic medical cases to the modern diagnosis and treatment.