Soldiers’ Barracks, top floor and ground level

Learn about the many eras of Mackinac Island, from the introduction of Jesuit missionaries to the flourishing fur trade to the influx of post-Civil War tourists and the emergence of the fudge industry.  This 3,500 square foot exhibit, sponsored by the Ford Motor Company Fund, contains:
Informative displays about the island’s history, including Native Americans, missionaries, fur traders, fishermen, soldiers, and tourists.

  • Hands-on displays, including the feel of replicated animal furs that were prevalent during the fur trade
  • Rare artifacts such as the original deed to Mackinac Island, which documents the transfer of Mackinac Island from the Ojibwa people to the British government (final transfer of the island took place in 1779)
  • Historical photographs and paintings
  • Touch-screen video featuring 20th-century Mackinac home movie footage
  • Clips from the 1940s movie “This Time For Keeps”, starring Esther Williams, and behind the scenes photos from “Somewhere in Time”, starring Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve.
  • Rare 1860s stereoview postcards