British Trader’s house- Treasures for the Sand

Enter through the British Trader’s House 

This permanent underground archaeological exhibit showcases hundreds of artifacts excavated archaeologically at Colonial Michilimackinac. The excavation, which has been ongoing since 1959 and is one of the longest continuous archaeological digs in the United States, has produced over one million artifacts and revealed much about daily life at the original village of Michilimackinac. Examine artifacts including soldiers’ uniform buttons, coins, rosary beads, Jesuit rings, tools, and even food remains as you learn how Michilimackinac grew and changed over 65 years of French and British control. Discover the process of archeological digs and see how archaeologists use their finds to piece together the past, helping to create the reconstructed village of Michilimackinac around you. This large exhibit also showcases the original ruins of a French well and the reconstructed rowhouse above. A video of the exhibit is available on the main level of the British Trader’s House for those who do not wish to descend the steps down to the main gallery. Learn more about archaeology at Colonial Michilimackinac.